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Every bachelor pad must have a few essential gadgets.  You don’t need a rotating bed, or a disco ball that drops from your ceiling or even a robot that can mix martinis to impress people.  Gadgets are there to make our life easier and impress guests.  Some gadgets are complex, and some simple.  Below is a list of easily attainable and practical gadgets every man should have to both impress and live well. 


1.  Universal Remote Control

This remote does away with other controllers and therefore leaves less clutter on your coffee table.  You’ll also be spending less money on batteries.  The universal remote is a very underappreciated piece of equipment, but very helpful when you need to switch from your TV, game console, TIVO, to the radio, to the CD player.;contentBody;pm


 Portable iPod Speaker

When you need to take your play list from the inside, to the outside, or from the living room to the bedroom.  Preferably a speaker that uses batteries that way you don’t have search for electrical outlet.


3.  Blender

A blender is a rarely used, but a highly sought after piece of equipment when you need to make a large quantity of mixed drinks.  Just don’t forget to have plenty of ice available. 


Additionally, many blenders now have the ability to blend so rapidly that they act as juicers.  If you are into nutrition (and all of us should be) you already know the benefits of juicing.


4.  Fancy Wine Opener

We all should have at least two wine openers:  A basic one and one that makes a show out of popping the cork.  Your guests will be entertained and the wine opener can become a talking point if the conversation is stale.


 Wine Refridgerator

A wine fridge? Yes, you may be at a certain time in your life where your drink of choice may only be beer or mixed drinks, but over time you will graduate to wine.  Don’t despair, many wine fridges are designed to accommodate beer and soda cans.  A place to keep your white and red wine… plus few beer choice beers.


 Air Filter

Having an air filter is great for several reasons reduces the amount of dust in the air, and freshens the air.  My best advice is to buy a few replacement cartridges at the same time and replace when needed.


7.  Hamper

Having a hamper is the least technology gadget you’ll ever own.  However, it is one gadget that should be used on a daily basis.  A hamper conceals your dirty clothes, and allows you to easily take them to get washed.  If you don’t have a hamper, where would put your dirty clothes?


Choose a hamper that has masculine look to it, and compliments your bedroom furniture.  Additionally, choose one where your able to take the lining with you to the laundry room. 



8.  Hand Vac

You should already have a vacuum cleaner at your place that's used regularly.  Having a cordless hand vac is a great addition.  It allows you to clean up any mess quickly and easily.  It's also great for tidy up your place before a date comes over.  I use mine for getting any cobwebs or dust build up along window ledges or behind my toilet. 

Importantly, do not purchase one that has less than 15V powering it, you want all the suction power you can get.


 9.  Coffee Maker

Without a doubt you should have a coffee maker, even if you don’t drink coffee at home during the week.  Your guests may want a cup, or you may want one on the weekends.  This is one item you should not be cheap on, consider how many times you’ll be making coffee a year.  Find one that has a timer, so you can set it at night, and will be ready for you in the morning.  Cheers!


Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, so take your time and spend your money wisely.  Get the gadgets you'll be using the most first.  Be proud of your Bachelor Pad!





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