Antiques are now Man-tiques

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Every guy needs to spice up their Bachelor Pad a bit.  Need some advice, or some examples on how to do it. If you already have the furniture in place your ready to start adding accents, then MAN-TIQUES are the way to go. Yes, mantiques. Manly antiques are a great way to give your bachelor pad a rough and rugged yet sophisticated look. You’ll be sure to impress friends and potential suitors with your worldly collection of goods if you pick out the right pieces. So, here’s a guide:


1.  Determine the style of your home. If you live in a modern, urban or country style environment then choose antique accessories that compliment the style and feel of your place.

2.  Treat your indoors as you would your outdoors. When landscaping you work with the flow of the yard. Everything doesn't have to be symmetrical or even match. Same thing with the interior of your residence as well. Work with the flow of the walls and space. Pick interesting pieces that properly accent the desired area. Would you plant a giant bush in front of a door? No. Likewise, don’t put big and obtrusive objects in the way.

3.  Less is more. Simplicity is the mother of all beauty. Don’t go overboard. Don’t clutter the space and take the time to plan. One carefully selected piece creates more presence and harmony than 5 random pieces.

4.  Element of surprise. Selecting one or two TASTEFUL pieces that pop out will give your place not only a layered look of interest but will broaden your mantique taste. Something wooden among rustic metal pieces for example.

5.  Simplicity and versatility. Keep it simple and chose pieces that will work in different areas. Everybody moves at one point in their life. Why purchase pieces specific to one place and time? Also, try not to buy items too large or too small. Antique thimble collections need to stay at Grandma’s house.


Another good tip if you're not sure how a piece would look in your environment would be to create a replica of the piece and place it in your home. Make a cut-out of approximate size and shape from a piece of paper and place it where you are considering the object. This is also an excellent idea if you plan on hanging pictures. There’s nothing worse than having lopsided and poorly placed art. Making a template and design plan can eliminate this. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

This should give you a good start as to the how, where, and why’s of mantiques. As for the what’s, it’s not that simple. Selecting the right pieces has to be up to you. Pick pieces that reflect who you are and what you like. Real antiques are wonderful, but reproduction pieces are even better. They are cheaper, cleaner, and most of the hard work has already been done when it comes to selecting pieces of interest. Some excellent sources for mantique pieces are:

Still confused? Just try and picture what James Bond or Don Draper, two of the world’s greatest bachelors would buy. They wouldn't hang Star Trek or Sports posters on theirs walls and he sure as heck wouldn’t put action figures on their coffee table. You shouldn’t either.

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