9 Things Women Really Want in a Bachelor Pad

A woman notices everything about you.  She will notice your clothes, character, smile, and even where you live.  All these details make up your “brand,” which is all about sending a consistent message over time.  You may be projecting quality energy to a woman and confidently invite her back to your place. Your words may be projecting character, strength, and value. Your environment must reinforce your “brand” that you are desirable. 

But what is your place "saying?"

Is your place a turn-on or turn-off to a woman?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression with your place.  Don't leave it to chance!

The Insiders Guide to Your Bachelor Pad: 9 Things Women Really Want takes all the mystery about the do’s and don’ts about decorating your place.  Follow these 9 guidelines, and you'll have a stylish place that is sure to impress any guest.  You want your woman to enjoy spending time at your place, don’t you?   You don't need to have a ton of money to make this work. In successful branding, it is the consistent reinforcing message that is key.


Let's jump right in and get started!

  1. A Clean and Tidy Place

Do you have your act together? There is no bigger turn-off to a woman who comes back to your place than seeing a total mess.  A lot is said by how your place looks and is kept.  Cleanliness is about attention to detail. A woman will notice the entrance first.  Is she going to trip over your shoes?  Get them organized and out of the way!  The next thing she will notice is your living room. 

After that, she will notice your kitchen.  Are the stacks of dirty dishes in the sink?  And finally the bathroom and bedroom.  Is there an unrecognizable odor?  A woman is far more sensitive to smells than is a man.  This is not a conversation about becoming a neat freak.

Women find a clean and tidy place appealing. They don't want to feel like your mother and have to clean up after you.

  1. Furniture

You have a tool set in your garage, and you need a furniture set in your place.  Your furniture needs to project quality to women. A cheap sofa purchased from a web listing or a hand-me-down from your uncle just isn't going to cut it!  A room of furniture that is just thrown together isn't going to work either.

Each piece of furniture needs to be carefully selected to build a complete theme.  Every piece of furniture in each room should work together to create the look and feel you want. Whether you prefer a modern or transitional look, the furniture in your place should project confidence and quality.

Form Modern Style, the furniture is practical and functional.  The Modern Style uses many different materials from wood, leather, plastic, and steel.  Modern Style is minimal and comfortable.  Transitional Style is simple but sophisticated.  It is a versatile style.    Whether you choose Modern or Transitional Style for your place, the theme should be authentically you.

  1. Painting and Artwork

Painting is one of the most underrated decorating tools.  You can have the perfect furniture, rugs, and artwork, but all can be lost to poor paint color.  You are looking for consistency.

Remember, your place reflects your personal brand and your personality.

Artwork.  If you are going to hang artwork, make sure it is level and in the right place.  Don’t have lopsided or poorly placed art.  The art work on your wall should be tasteful, so guys, posters you’d find in a college dorm room are not acceptable to a woman!  Nothing taped or tacked to the wall.  Any artwork should be framed.

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  1. Clean Linens

The linens go on the bed you’ll be sharing with your woman.  Quality is key.  Look for linens with a thread count of at least 400.  Do not buy linens that are made from synthetic fabrics that itch.  Natural fabrics like cotton offer superior comfort and are easier to wash.

You wouldn't dream of driving your car without having a spare tire in the trunk. Always make sure you have a clean backup set of linens in your closet whether you want to be intimate or not.  And, also, make sure you have clean and matching towels. 

  1. Something Living

Can you be nurturing?  Prove it!  Plants are a perfect way to demonstrate that you are responsible and can take care of something living.

  1. Hand Soap, Clean Hand Towels, and Toilet Paper

Hotels make sure the guest bathrooms have toilet paper, tissues, hand soap, and clean hand towels. Your lady is your guest.  Treat her accordingly!


  1. Have a Playlist

What’s on your playlist?  Music is a great way to set a mood and make moments together more pleasurable.  Make sure you have some music for her when she comes over.  The more romantic the music, the better.

  1. Refreshment

You invited your lady over to your place so be the host. Take the lead!  Offer her a choice of refreshment. Perhaps you can share a bottle of white wine or enjoy some vodka together. Your date may not like the beer choices in your fridge, so give her choices of refreshment. 

  1. Make a Clean Sweep!

Any article left behind by another woman who has visited your place will be a disaster! Items that are left behind are earrings, hair ties, or articles of clothing. Don't forget to check under your bed.

There you have it.  The Insiders Guide to Your Bachelor Pad:

9 Things Women Really Want

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