A clean bathroom even your mother would use!


How to clean your bathroom

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through college, embarked on your latest adventure and finally have a place to call your own.  But now you have to keep it tidy and clean in the event you would like to entertain a certain lady friend.  Women appreciate a clean bathroom, it shows you are capable of taking care of yourself. 

Fear not, fair bachelor, for today we shall cover the basics of cleaning a bathroom that would make your mother claim out loud, “I taught him all he knows!”

What will set you apart from other would be suitors will be your attention to detail.  Choose an appropriate bathroom cleaner (having a bathroom cleaning is a bachelor pad necessity), nothing too terribly fragrant as it can become overpowering.  Spray or sprinkle the powder in the sink.  Using a rag that you designate from here out as the bathroom rag (only to be used in your bathroom), wet the rag and proceed to scrub out the sink, wipe the fixtures and sink top.  Make sure that you wipe between the fixtures and the backsplash (remember those details).  It is a matter of preference if you would like to rinse down the sink at this point or wait until the bathtub is done.

Cleaning the bathtub/shower is more challenging.  Spray or sprinkle your cleaner in the tub.  You should consider also getting a scrubbing brush, they are usually located in the same grocery store isle as the cleaning products.  Starting at the front with the fixtures, beginning scrubbing up the walls about 4 feet, wipe down all the fixtures, scrub all horizontal surfaces and then start scrubbing your tub.  Pick up or remove all the shampoo/conditioner bottles and man soaps, scrub away all soap residue left over from previous bars of soap.  If you have signs of mildew/mold, treat those areas with bleach when you are finished and rinsed out the tub/shower area (combining cleaning chemicals in the bathroom gives off terrible and probably dangerous fumes).  If you have a shower curtain, consider taking it down and washing it with bleach.  If you have doors, you should probably climb in the tub and scrub the inside down as well.  Rinse down your walls, shower doors, fixtures and tub then replace all of your shampoo/conditioner and man soaps.

The dreaded toilet-how we loathe thee.  If you have a spray bottle of cleaner, spray your lid, underside, toilet seat, underside and rim.  It is a bachelor pad necessity to have a clean toilet.  Flush your toilet and spray some cleaner in as the toilet is flushing and filling up.  Once it’s finished filling, spray the areas above the water line again.  With your rag, begin wiping from the top down including the tank and lid.  Wipe your seat and under, make sure to wipe where the tank mounts to the base as this area tends to accumulate urine stains, dust and dirt.  Wipe the seat lid, the underside and reach underneath the seat mounting area to get where you missed before.  Wipe around the rim, down the bowl all the way to the floor making sure to wipe around the mounting flanges.  Taking your toilet bowl scrubber, scrub the inside of the bowl, getting up under the rim, plunge the brush down the hole, scrub the entire bowl. 

Rinse your rag in the bathtub, go back to the sink and rinse off if you did not before.  Once you’re finished with the sink, wipe down the toilet lid, underside, toilet seat and outside of the bowl with a wet rag.  Flush the toilet and you’re done with the cleaning part, mostly.  Wipe off all of the horizontal surfaces-tooth brush holder, soap tray, window sill, clean your mirror with Windex or other glass cleaner, shake out the bathroom rub then sweep and mop the floor.    Replace the rug once the floor is dry, hang a clean bath towel for yourself and a clean hand towel next to the sink.  Close your shower curtain or doors, make sure your linen closet is somewhat tidy and you will have a clean, presentable bathroom.