About us


Dedicated to the Modern Man

Every man wants to be king of his own castle, but for a few their current castle might not be too attractive. Enter Bachelor Haus.  Bachelor Haus is dedicated to helping every man build and furnish the castle of his dreams.


What's the castle of your dreams?

There's a lot of design advice-for guys making a lot of cash, but there's very little actual advice for real guys living on an average paycheck. That's one of the reasons why we founded Bachelor Haus.  Bachelor Haus works with interior designers and stylists who carefully select pieces of furniture from different manufacturers to assemble complete room sets with you in mind: the modern man.


We make purchasing furniture easy and efficient for you.  Not many people have enough free time on their hands to cruise around the city in search of housewares and furniture pieces. Even if you have the time to look for bachelor furniture, you probably have better things to do!

Bachelor Haus makes the purchasing process quick and easy!  You pick a room set and

3 – 5 pieces are shipped directly to you. All the furniture matches, so your place looks great! It's like having a personal stylist at your disposal.  In fact, we have five professional stylists with years of experience on our staff, so you really can have a personal stylist at your disposal.


About the Founder: Adam has spent the last 10 years in marketing and advertising. He's overseen many product launches and advertising campaigns from local clients and national ones. As he became more successful and began moving up the corporate ladder, it was eventually time to move to a nicer place.

What was supposed to be fun became a stress-filled experience because he had to decorate his new place. He didn't know if he could trust his own judgment to pick out furniture, or rely on the salesperson and the really great looking furniture.  Also, design magazines were very expensive.  The furniture in the design magazine would have been a whole month’s paycheck, without anything left over for food. 

The idea of Bachelor Haus was born out of frustration. Our goal is to be the resource for single men to increase their self worth.  We enlist other designers so that you can live in a place that you’re proud of.

For press inquiries please e-mail: adam@bachelorhaus.com.