Basic Training for throwing a party:

After attending a few parties this year, and with March Madness upon us we need to review some basic tips for hosting a party. 

We’ve all been to some great parties, and we’ve also been some boring gatherings that could have been great.  There are several characteristics all great/ successful parties have.  Some advice to help your next party go well, some of its obvious, and some of it will make your party memorable.  Because you are the host you have great responsibility to your guests and your reputation. 

Below are the basics you should have besides food and drinks. 

  1. Paper plates
  2. Cups
  3. Propane
  4. Extra tank propane (if you plan grilling lots of food)
  5. Two trash cans, one for inside and one for outside of your place
  6. Plastic ware
  7. Have a signature drink made for everyone
  8. Paper towels (someone always spills a drink)
  9. Have everything laid out and clear view, having a foldout table is very useful for setting food out or having close to your grill 
  10. Music Playlist (just listening to the radio doesn’t cut it anymore… The 80’s are over) 

As the host eat before your guests arrive, that way you won’t be hungry, and therefore eating won’t hold you back from mingling with your guests.  Importantly, because you are the host, do not get to drunk.  Your guests should not have to take care of you. 

About halfway through your party, designate someone to help you take out the trash, and put away any food items that are no longer being consumed. Because you are taking care of any trash/ bottles early will help your final clean up to proceed very smoothly, and without taking up much time. 

Additionally an important and practical necessity is to designate someone to help you.  When you are the host of the party you’ll be in several places at once:  Greeting people, pouring drinks, introducing people to each other and setting out or grilling food.  Having a friend available to help when needed will help your party run smoothly.  Every Chef has a Sous Chef, find yourself someone who can be that person for you. 

A successful party has a host who has the ability to introduce their friends to people who don’t know each other.  It’s very logical, but this really doesn’t happen as often as it should.  You know all of your friends, but they may not know each other, find a commonality between them the and bring it up after you introduce them. 

Being fully prepared before a guest arrives will allow you to have more fun, and less stress of racing around and finding/ setting items out. 

Most importantly don’t let your friends drink and drive.