Choosing a Speakers

Speakers, and not the human kind. 


Moving onto sound, it’s important not too over buy. When entertaining people in your apartment it is important to focus on the quality of sound instead of volume. There are plenty of great speakers available that don’t take up much space and provide enough sound to fill any room.  In college it’s a big deal to blast your speakers in the dorm to let everyone know your having a party, living in an apartment complex will only indicate what door the police should knock on. There’s no need to have your walls vibrate.  Your moving on in life, and your neighbors don’t want to hear you calling in air strikes at 2AM while you play Call of Duty. Just because a speaker system can put out 1000 watts, doesn’t mean it’s quality sound.


You’ve already chosen a TV, and know where you want to place it.  Now its time to consider the different speaker choices you have; Home Theater in a Box, Speaker system, and individual speakers.  


Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) is an inexpensive and fast way to get your home theater system set up quickly.  The HTIB system will usually consist of either 2, 5 or 7 seven speakers with a subwoofer (2.1, 5.1, or 7.1), a DVD player, and a receiver.   These systems are great for smaller rooms, look more expensive than they are, but the trade off is sound quality for the cheaper HTIB systems. 


Tip:  If you have a very small room or if you are concerned about your system being to loud go with a 2.1 HTIB setup, and place the speakers to the side of the TV.  You can always upgrade to better system when you get a larger apartment or condo.


HTIB systems can cost as little at $200 and quickly move upwards to over $2000.  Buy a system that fits your needs; budget and room size.  The TV should ALWAYS be the most expensive part of your system. 


Check out your nearest Big Box electronic store for a large selection of HTIB systems.


Speaker systems are comprised of just speakers, one has to connect them to a receiver to produce sound.  What’s great about choosing a speaker system over a HTIB is the amount of customization of levels of sound and size of speakers you can have.  One can choose from a 36 inch tall side speakers that rest on the floor, or 4 inch satellite speakers that can be placed on a wall or speaker stands. Although more expensive than HTIB’s, speaker only systems have better build quality and more expensive components that will provide better sound quality.


Tip:  If you plan on listening to more music than watching DVD’s, look for a system that has larger left/right speakers.  If you watch more DVD’s than listen to music look for a system that has a large center channel speaker.  The center channel speaker is responsible for providing the movie’s dialogue, effects and music.  


Tip:  Keep in mind that the size of every speaker determines the scope of sound it can produce, for example smaller speakers have a smaller footprint, but will not able to provide the scope of sound larger speakers can.  


For those with larger budgets consider purchasing individual speakers.  This can be a very rewarding experience as one can tailor their home theater to specifically meet their acoustic and cosmetic needs.  With a larger budget, one has the opportunity of considering many choices of speakers and where they place them; on-wall, tower, and in-wall/ in-ceiling speakers. Keep in mind that your speakers are a bachelor pad must have, but they are there to help create that experience you want for you and your guests, not for your neighbors. 


Tip:  When purchasing individual speakers only purchase from the same manufacturer.  The logic is you wouldn’t want four different tires on your car from four different manufacturers. 


Check out these great speaker manufacturers!