Creating an amazing playlist

Tips on creating a playlist for any event!


A great party has several characteristics. Your guests, food, location, and music. Of all these variables you have the most control over the music. With today’s technology of being able to access music, build play lists, and use portable speakers having great music at a party shouldn’t be a problem. However, it is. As easily accessible as music is, often it becomes the last item people think about when they plan a party, and most hosts only think about it the day of their party.


We’ve enlisted the assistance world renown DJ’s Heavygrinder and KATFYR to learn from them how you can create a great play list for your next party. This advice should also be used for creating a play list for when entertaining a date at your bachelor pad.

Here are some thoughts from our Dj’s on what to consider.


  1. Pick songs that fit the context of your party


Even if all your friends are into EDM, that doesn’t mean you should be blasting drops left and right, disrupting conversations and risking an accidental rave at your place — those tend to get messy and ruin your furniture. Try to be eclectic, yet exciting, and never forget to be considerate to your guests and the social gathering you’re hosting.


  1. Throw a few wild cards in there


You know that one track by that electro-pop Japanese bedroom producer you love so much? Your friends probably don’t. Play a few of those obscure, yet enjoyable, tracks in your mix. You might end up introducing your guests to a whole new world of music — and if they don’t like it, at least you get to play it loud for yourself!


  1. Pick at least one timeless hit


What better way to get some momentum going — when you’re already 4 hours into your party — than a sudden Bohemian Rhapsody or Don’t Stop Believin’? No one can go through those without joining in.


  1. Create some dynamics


Regardless of the kind of gathering you’re hosting — unless the President is coming — you should ensure your playlist has a flow. Cluster a few upbeat tracks together to create some energy, but don’t forget to taper it down into a more relaxed mood after. Do this a few times over the span of your party and you’re on your road to playlist-making success! 


Heavygrinder and KATFYR kept it simple, but equipped you with knowledge on creating that masterpiece playlist for any event at your bachelor pad.


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