Essentials for maintaining your wardrobe!


Essentials items for maintaining your wardrobe!


Hang’em High!

At Bachelor Haus, we know that hangers are an important part of your wardrobe. Here’s why. As you advance in your career, you simply need better quality shirts, including collared shirts. Sportcoats, sweaters, and jackets will be added to your wardrobe as well. These quality clothes can be expensive, but if you maintain them, they’ll last you a long time, so think of your new quality clothes as an investment. Women can easily see the quality in clothes you wear, and you want to look your best. These tip will ensure your clothes will always look great on you!


How to Shorten the Life-span of Your Shirts. Don’t Do It!

Those hangers from the dry cleaners, although free, are not helping to keep the shape of your shirts but are hurting them. Think about it; your shirts are on hangers for days! Putting them on a cheap hanger will shorten the life-span of your shirts.


The Modeling Principle—NOT Supermodels!

The modeling principle is this: If you do what someone else does, you will get a similar result. When he was very young, Jack Nicklaus practiced by hitting 200 golf balls a day. That is one of the many reasons why he was so successful. If you hit 200 golf balls a day, you would become pretty good at golf. This is how the modeling principle works. You can model what other people or organizations do to maintain clothes, and you will get the same result.


Quality Hangers for Quality Clothes

The most overlooked aspect is properly hanging your shirt. Invest in hangers that department stores use for hanging clothes because they have broad arms, a swivel neck that makes hanging easy, and a trouser bar for hanging your pants. Model how fine department stores hang their clothes and model that. It works for them, so it will work for you. There are even hangers for your belts and ties. If you have several of them, consider investing in a hanger for your belts and ties. Hangers are bachelor pad essentials to ensure your clothes look great on you!


Organization and Attention to Detail

Valet Box: A valet box is an item that is often overlooked by many men; however, it can truly be one of the most important items you can own. That’s why it is a bachelor pad must have item every guy needs to own. This is a place to keep your cufflinks, your watch, ring, bracelet, or necklace, and other important items.   When you are organized, you can find everything quickly and save time. And when you are organized, it makes a good impression, especially on a female guest. If your stuff is everywhere, that will not impress a woman.


Do the Shoes Make the Man?

As long as men have been wearing shoes, there has been a debate about whether “the shoes make the man.” Regardless of where you are in this debate, one thing is certain. Women do recognize what shoes you are wearing and the quality of them.


Shoe trees: You need more than one pair of shoes for work; however, now that you are on your own, you can buy whatever style fits your budget. No matter whether you have a Blue Collar or White Collar job, you will notice that the people higher up in the organization rarely wear the same pair of shoes to work more than a few times a week. This is to allow shoes or boots to breathe and dry out.


Shoe trees, These are a must have item for any bachelor pad for the following reasons. Having shoe trees can extend the life of your shoes 2 – 5 years, depending upon how often you wear them, so they are an investment, but so are a $200 pair of designer shoes. Cedar shoe trees, are a great way to keep the shape of your shoes, absorb sweat, and eliminate foot odor Bachelor Haus recommends Cedar shoe trees to protect your shoe investment.


What Causes Smelly Shoes?

Smelly shoes and boots are caused by bacteria, and they live in warm moist areas. If you don’t allow your shoes to dry out, not only will they be smelly but the bacteria living in them will breakdown your shoes more quickly.


There you have it. All of the information you need to make sure the investment you make in your quality clothes and shoes lasts for years!