Why Do We Strive to Make Every Guy King of His Castle? 

Every man aspires to be king of his own castle, but for some their current Castle might not be too attractive.  Bachelor Haus is dedicated to helping every man furnish the Castle of his dreams. There's a lot of design-advice for guys making a lot of cash, but there's very little actionable advice for regular guys living on an average paycheck.



Why Should I Buy a Furniture Set Versus an Individual Piece?

By purchasing a set of furniture from Bachelor Haus, you are guaranteed that all the pieces complement each other. Our team of interior designers carefully select each piece of furniture to build a complete theme for a bachelor pad whether it's Modern, Mid Century, Traditional, or Transitional Styles. Furthermore, quality pieces sell out and collections change. Not purchasing all the pieces together might mean not being able to purchase a piece down the road. It's easy to tell when one piece is not part of the original collection. Your guests will notice it, too.


What defines the Wall Street Financier room set?

Wall Street Financier: the furniture is practical, functional and very modern.  The Wall Street Financier uses many different materials from wood, leather, plastic, and steel.  The style is minimal and comfortable type of furniture. 


What defines the 1960's Advertising Executive?

The 1960's Advertising Executive is simple but sophisticated.  It is a versatile style based on Miid Century furniture.  Whether you choose Wall Street Financier or our 1960's Advertising Executive for your place, the theme should be authentically you.


How Is Each Piece of Furniture Selected?

Our team of experienced interior designers select key pieces based on several characteristics: quality of construction, durability of fabric or leather, and how it looks for you, the modern man.


Why Should You Trust Our Interior Designers?

Our team of designers have over 50 years of experience working in their profession, have designed hundreds of rooms, and have degrees from the nation's top design schools. You be the judge and have a look at the room sets yourself.


How Much Is Shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of all our room sets, accents, art, candles, lighting, and rugs.


Why is Shipping Included in the Price?

To keep the purchase process simple. When shipping multiple pieces of furniture at once to your place, dealing with the shipping can get overwhelming because each item may not ship from the same manufacturer. We will take care of all the shipping details, so you can get all the right pieces shipped right to your door.


Why Support the Covenant House?

Every night across the United States, thousands of homeless teens find themselves sleeping on the streets. In fact, over 2 million teens a year experience a period of homelessness. Nobody ever aspires to a life of sleeping on the street, in a park, or on a bus bench, but events happen in young people's lives and unfortunately they sometimes become homeless. We at Bachelor Haus recognize this profound act of selflessness and hope to lend a hand whenever possible, so for every room set or lifestyle set sold, we’ll make a donation to the Covenant House. For more information on the Covenant House, visit them at www.covenanthouse.org .