Gift ideas for your Girlfriend

Buying a Gift for a Woman: A No-Win Situation?

The man who is unprepared when buying a gift for a woman will be surprised when he does and surprised when he doesn’t. While a gift of booze is an acceptable present for a guy, a woman requires and values a thoughtful gift.

It’s About Connection: Not Mind-Reading!

We will never be able to read their minds or rationalize their actions, but these suggestions for gifts will connect to her in a meaningful way and demonstrate that you put thought in choosing the perfect gift for her.

Below are our suggestions for buying gifts for her based on the seriousness of your relationship status.


Women love shiny things, and they especially love gifts from Cartier and Tiffany & Co. However, if you are purchasing jewelry, make sure it fits her style because the wrong style will be a turn-off. Don’t buy her earrings if she doesn’t wear earrings a lot, but if she loves bracelets, make sure to purchase a few. If you really want advice for buying her a piece jewelry, ask her best friend for assistance. Buying her a piece of jewelry that shows you know her style is more important than buying her a more expensive item.

Warning! Don’t buy jewelry for a woman you’ve just started dating because she’ll expect it all the time in the future and that might get expensive.

Picture Frames: Do’s and Don’ts

A picture frame: Women love pictures and love taking pictures. If you really want to let her know she’s going to be in your future, put a picture of you and her into a frame. This communicates to her on a high level about your commitment and your seriousness about the relationship. This advice is not recommended for people who have just started dating or are not wanting to be in a committed relationship.

Digital Picture Frames

A digital picture frame: This is an awesome gift and is not something as serious as a single picture frame. She can upload all her pictures on the frame and keep it at home or work. She’ll no longer have to login to Facebook or Instagram to see all her photos. She can now enjoy her photos in any part of the house that doesn’t have a computer.    

Day Spa’s

If you want to buy gifts for her, a trip to a day spa is an excellent idea! This is a great gift but plan to spend over $100 and include a tip because you always tip at the spa. Every woman loves to be pampered, so she’ll appreciate your attentiveness to her needs. Every city has a few spas so use the Internet to find one with solid reviews. If possible, buy a day for the both of you, or for her and a good friend.


A robe: Everybody loves a great robe; it’s comfy, so you can wear it around the house and will keep you warm in the winter. For an added touch, have it personalized with her initials, First, Middle, and Last. As a warning, don’t go cheap because it may feel great at first but after a few washings, it will start to shed or fall apart.


Candles: Women love candles the way they look and smell. Buy her some candles that she wouldn’t otherwise purchase. Expensive candles usually burn longer and are all-natural. She’ll appreciate the thought.

Convenient and Thoughtless?

Gift Cards: These are supplements only and should not be given as a primary present. The fact that you can purchase these at any large retail store doesn’t convey that you put much thought into getting her a present. Our suggestion is to purchase one or two cards in addition to another present. These cards are attractive and easy to use but end up being disposable.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mug(s): Everybody drinks coffee or tea and having mugs is essential to do so. Find her a mug or a set of mugs that fit her personality or interest because every time she uses one, she’ll think of you. When you give her the mugs, give her some tea to enjoy as well. This is an important attention to detail.

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscription: This is a really inexpensive gift idea that you can buy her anytime. You should already know her interests, and there are plenty of magazines available that she’ll appreciate receiving.  

There you have it: many thoughtful ideas for buying gifts for her that will make the woman in your life feel special!

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