Questions for home sellers!

What are the two most important questions on the minds of home sellers?
1. How much is my home worth?
2. How long will it take to sell me home?
Many people will base the answer on how long it took for their neighbors to sell their home. If it took 6 months then it is likely it will be the same for you, right? Well, not necessarily. There can be many factors that determine how quickly a house will sell. 
It could be neighborhood - if it is far from town where there are fewer buyers, it could take a while. For those whose home is within city limits or here in Fabulous Ferndale where homes sell everyday, the days on market for your neighborhood will vary dramatically, based on each individual home. 
There are 3 major factors that determine resale performance of a home: Price, Location and Condition. There are others factors as well that can effect the sale of a home such as poor marketing, but these are the most consistent variables that dominate the real estate market. 
Here are 6 important tips to cover the best ways to present a home for sale in order to amplify it’s condition, and sell at it’s highest value. 
1. Landscaping - update it! This is the first point of contact for potential home buyers, making it an extremely important part of a buyers experience. So things like adding new mulch, weeding, removing dead leaves and branches and maybe planting some bright and pretty flowers or purchasing potted plants can dramatically change the curb appeal of your home. Statistically, home buyers will emotionally attach to a home for sale within the first few minutes of a showing. Get that emotion flowing outside the front door!
2. Move out or make it appear that you have moved out. Remember potential buyers want to visualize their furniture and accessories in a home. And this is hard to do when it is already loaded with other peoples stuff. The absolute best thing to do is to move out and have the home staged to sell. That way it is always accessible, and ready to be shown. Plus the house will look larger with minimal furniture in as it well. Now, this is not realistic for most people, so it is helpful to move items to storage, remove all photos and personal items and clear clutter from all flat surfaces with most, if not all items. In addition to this your home should be spotless!
3. Add new paint or flooring. If you have to ask if you should repaint or change the flooring, then the answer is probably yes. Maybe you feel your paint and floors are good enough, well, that may effect your time to sell because your home is competing with other homes in the neighborhood. Your house will most likely sit until the other homes with nicer walls and paint sell. If you can afford to change these things, please do. Your home will sell quicker, for a higher price and you will get to the closing table and on the the next chapter of your life. Market your home with new floors and neutral paints and watch it sell fast!
4. A professional video walkthrough. This is a powerful selling tool. It can be the reason a buyer choses your home. For sure it will bring more potential buyers to your home for viewing. A good video will resell the home each time time it is watched if it is done properly. You can add descriptive text, highlight important features and basically sell the house to the buyers before they ever step foot in the home! Since most listings do not have video walkthroughs, your listing will stand out and appeal to online buyers. 
5. Price! Price it right the first time. Any experienced Realtor will tell you that there are three things that sell homes: Price, Location, and Condition. Of those 3 points, PRICE is the most critical. People will look past condition and location if the price is right. People will also look right past your property listing if the price is wrong. Pricing your home right and offering something that other homes in your price range do not, is a strategy that finds much greater success in securing a solid offer, than the non-strategy of simply pricing at market value and seeing what  happens. 
6. The most important is last. Staging! People want to se a cohesive flow to your house. Nice furniture and a nice layout is one of the most important factors in how long it takes to sell your home. Through staging, small rooms can be made to look large while abnormally large rooms can be made to look smaller. Nice pieces of furniture don’t need to break the bank either. Stores like Bachelor Haus are a great example of how inexpensive furniture and quality accessories that are sophisticated that can make the difference when it comes to selling a home.
All of the tips above should be information that your REALTOR provides to you. An experienced real estate agent will help you through all your options when listing your home for sale.