Room Sets

The Wall street Financier

The Wall Street financier style is based on the man who lives in a fast paced, cultivated world of the stock exchange, so a utilitarian bachelor pad with a sophisticated feel is essential. Our Wall Street Financier style furniture sets provide the perfect amount of comfort, while simultaneously touting an unabashedly refined appearance. Modern, square shapes are accented by metallic elements with just the slightest hint of art deco flair. Luxurious leather finishes are mixed with traditional wooden pieces, culminating in the perfect style for the guy on the go.

The Rebel

Our most eclectic style, The Rebel, was crafted specifically with the adventurous modern guy in mind. The furniture and accent pieces in these sets is made with a variety of materials and finishes, appealing to the spontaneous guy whose bachelor pad style may not fit into any particular category. Think boxy sofas paired with curvaceous tables alongside unique light fixtures. Despite these visual extremes, common colors and shapes run throughout to ensure an impeccable combination that will satisfy even those with the most discerning taste.

1960 AD Executive

The ad executive of the 1960’s was a self-assured, suave guy, who took entertaining and effortless style to the next level. His bachelor pad was envied by all who stepped foot inside. Our 1960’s Ad Executive furniture sets channel this sense of confident sophistication; imagine posh wooden elements alongside upholstered pieces covered in luscious neutral colored fabrics. Our modern mix of furniture evokes just the tiniest hint of nostalgia, utilizing rich textiles, natural finishes and occasional bold pops of color to achieve the perfect ambiance.