Tips on Cleaning Your New Bachelor Haus

It's official, you have your own bachelor pad. If your moving directly from home, you were always bound by someone else's rules, but now you are in control. You can do what you want in your own place. The freedom is liberating, particularly when it comes to cleaning. There is no one nagging you to pick up after yourself. You can leave your dirty dishes in the sink and your dirty clothes on the floor. Who says you have to vacuum or make your bed?

However, if you want to have company over, especially an attractive woman, you might want to keep it clean. So how do you keep your place clean, specifically if you have never cleaned before? Well we have some easy tips on cleaning your new bachelor pad. Creating a list of daily duties is an easy way to maintain a crisp, clean, and inviting place for women. Your list might look like:

Daily Cleaning List:


      Living room

      Quick Clean Bathroom

      Make Bed

      Put Dirty Clothes in Hamper



Think of the mini jobs that need to be done with each chore. For example, when you clean the kitchen, what exactly are you going to clean? It is a good rule of thumb to quickly clean the dishes after every meal, not just once a day. If you have a brush that dispenses soap as you scrub, the job is a cinch. They can be purchased at any dollar store. With that being said, cleaning the dishes is not the only job to complete in the kitchen. At least once a day:

      Sweep the floor

      Clean inside and outside the microwave

      Wipe down the counters


Most importantly, if you clean up any messes as they are made, your kitchen will stay clean, and it will be easier to maintain. Cleaning up after you make a mess is a good rule of thumb for every aspect of your apartment or home.

Living room

Each day when you clean the living room:

      Throw away the trash

      Put the dishes in the kitchen

      Remove items that do not belong and put them away

      Dust if needed



Before we continue on with tips to quick clean the bathroom, I wanted to mention that it helps to keep the house clean if there is a trash can in each room.


If you follow these daily quick cleaning tips, you will never need to check the toilet seat when your girlfriend is headed towards the bathroom.

      Wipe down the top of the tank

      Clean the seat, under the seat, and the toilet rim

      Scrub the entire toilet bowl

      Wipe out the bathroom sink and the counter


It is very simple to follow these tips, if you have a few cleaning products like cleaning wipes, cleaning spray, and paper towels. It is not necessary to purchase brand name products. As part of your shopping frequent dollar stores to pick up your cleaning supplies. To get you started on your cleaning adventure you will need some supplies. Below is a shopping list.

Cleaning Supplies

      Dish brush

      Dish Detergent

      Dish rag or sponge

      Bathroom Cleaner

      Cleanser (like Comet)

      Toilet Brush

      Laundry Detergent

      Fabric Softening Sheets/ Fabric Softener

      Vacuum Cleaner


      Furniture polish


      Paper towels


      Dust Pan



      Cleaning Wipes


Follow these daily tips, including putting your clothes in the hamper and making your bed as soon as you wake up, and the main areas of your new bachelor pad will remain clean. We also suggest making a weekly list of cleaning jobs.