What should furniture cost?

The Bachelor Haus Philosophy


The “Question” Some people have often asked me: “If I can buy a whole lot of ‘stuff’ from a big box store, why should I invest in your quality furniture?”

Here’s why: There is no substitute for real long-lasting quality!

 Dorm Life versus Professional Life: How are You Living?Are you still “living” in a college dorm? The items in your place say a lot about you. What does dorm life or college lifestyle look like to a guest, especially a woman?

Dorm Life

Let’s start with the furniture: sofas, bookcases, tables, and chairs. What does the furniture look like and how long will it really last? You must focus on quality. If you want something that’s going to fall apart when you move in, will be in a landfill three years from now, or you’ll see it at your friend’s place. Go ahead and continue to shop at the Swedish big box store that serves meat balls next to the sofas.

Let’s talk about artwork. The art work on your wall should be tasteful, so guys, posters you’d find in a college dorm room are not acceptable to a woman! Nothing taped or tacked to the wall!

Real Life: Becoming a Professional

However, if you are at that stage in life where you want to leave the college lifestyle behind you and become a professional, Bachelor Haus will help you make that transition. Our team of interior designers and stylists are dedicated to making you king of your castle which means we want you to be proud of how your place looks in order to make your date or guests feel like they are walking into a man’s home and not a boy’s. Quality Bachelor Pad Furniture for ProfessionalsWhat really separates the men from the boys is Solid wood. It doesn’t warp, doesn’t lose its shape, or break down like particle board does. If the price of your sofa is less than your monthly car payment, it is particle wood (unless you’re driving a top tier German sedan). It may look great from afar but will be far from good-looking after owning it for a year or two, and we all know that after several years, a cheap car will fall apart. The same holds true with furniture. Be proud of what you own.

Why Should I Buy a Furniture Set Versus an Individual Piece?

Each piece of furniture needs to be carefully selected to build a complete theme. Every piece of furniture in each room should work together to create the look and feel you want. Whether you prefer a modern or transitional look, the furniture in your place should project confidence and quality.


By purchasing a set of furniture from Bachelor Haus, you are guaranteed that all the pieces complement each other. Our team of interior designers carefully select each piece of furniture to build a complete theme for a bachelor pad whether it's Modern or Transitional Style. Furthermore, quality pieces sell out and collections change. Not purchasing all the pieces together might mean not being able to purchase a piece down the road. It's easy to tell when one piece is not part of the original collection. Your guests will notice it, too.

How Is Each Piece of Furniture Selected?

Our team of experienced interior designers select key pieces based on several characteristics: quality of construction, durability of fabric or leather, and how it looks to you, the modern man.


Consider how much time you spend driving your car and how hard you worked for that vehicle. Now consider how much time you spend on your sofa, so shouldn’t you feel the same way about your furniture that you do about your car, or even your clothes? Quality furniture can be expensive, but that’s because its going to last you several years.

 Why Should You Trust Our Interior Designers?

Our team of designers have over 50 years of experience working in their profession, have designed hundreds of rooms, and have degrees from the nation's top design schools. You be the judge and have a look at the room sets yourself.

We are not apologizing for our high prices; they justify the quality of our furniture and the effort our designers put into pairing the products together.

We know Rome wasn’t built in a day; however, Bachelor Haus can furnish your place in a day! Bachelor Haus provides the complete solution to furnishing your bachelor pad. Get started now!