What to Know when Purchasing a Coffee Maker

If you drink as much coffee as a truck driver crossing state lines, or a student who hasn’t studied all semester that’s now cramming for an exam, you owe it to yourself to know more about the process of how that black liquid has become as important as the air you breathe.  

The origin of coffee can be traced back to Ethiopia. In the early 1500’s traders began dispersing it throughout Europe. Now, most of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil, Columbia and Vietnam. The flavor of your coffee is dependent upon where its grown, how long its roasted, and how its blended.  

FACT: Coffee is second most valuable trading commodity after oil.

Once a coffee tree is planted it takes about two years for the first harvest. At harvest a berry is picked in the morning from the coffee tree. This time of day ensures the ripeness of the berry. At a processing facility the coffee bean is removed from the berry, washed or dried for a few days, and then roasted.  

What is the best coffee maker for your bachelor pad? It’s the one you are most comfortable using, the key is to have a consistent brew every time you make a cup. If you are a regular coffee drinker, don’t be cheap, purchase a model that’s going to last. Get something you’ll feel proud to have on your counter top.

The different ways of brewing coffee.

Hands on, and hands off.

Hands on.

These include the classic French Press, the Moka pot, and devices for the Pour Over method. These types of makers offer a lot more control (a very high water temperature) for producing a great cup of coffee, and because they don’t use a traditional coffee filter the oils inside the coffee grinds create more of a flavorful brew, that drip machines often filter out the oils. However they do have a learning curve and require time, but the result is a cup of really great coffee.

HEALTH BENEFIT: Protects the liver, and lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes

Hands off.

Drip brewer.

The iconic drip brewer was invented in the 1950’s, and is considered the most popular brewer in the US. Its push button easiness makes getting a cup with little work and effort very timely. Unlike hands on devices, you are able to make large amounts of coffee at once, and keep it warm for long periods of time. However, many machines fail to heat water high enough for a truly great brew that you are used to from Starbucks.

Many machines have timers to start your coffee so its ready in the morning, and higher-end versions have grinders. Like most things in life, you pay for what you get it, our recommendation is don’t be cheap. Plan on spending at least $50, and more you spend the better your coffee will taste due to better quality parts to heat the water to the ideal brewing temperature. We consider the drip brewer to be a must have for any bachelor pad. Find one than can brew at least 10 cups at once.

Single serve / K cup machines.  

  These are easy to operate, and very quick to brew a cup. Keep in mind, the price of entry in buying one of these machines is very steep, and the cost of the “pods” can also get pricy. However, the choice of “pods” for that particular flavor you desire is immense. One drawback, is the machines are not capable of making large amounts of coffee efficiently, so if you drink coffee all day this may not be best machine for you.

FACT: Two billion cups are drank every  

   As for coffee grinds, most connoisseurs agree that there are 7 different types. Starting at extra coarse to extra fine. It’s important that you use the right grind with whatever machine you are using. For example a coarse grind will work best with a French press, a fine grind works best for a Moka pot and Expresso machines, medium grind is ideal for drip machines.

If you do have a drip machine, and want a bit more flavor in your coffee use a fine grind mixed in with a medium. You’ll feel the caffeine. Additionally, if you are looking to add a bit of style and sophistication, the Moka pot is an essential item for a bachelor pad.

HEALTH BENEFIT: Coffee contains essential nutrients including B vitamins, potassium, and is a great source of antioxidants.

The best advice we can give you is find a machine that works best for you and your lifestyle. If you are not a morning person who wants their coffee brewed as they walk into the kitchen a drip machine is best for you. If you can tell the differences between beans grown in different parts of the world, a Moka pot or French press might be right for you. Brewing your own coffee on a daily basis will save you a lot of money over time, so don’t hesitate to purchase a maker that you may find mind initially too expensive.

TRAVEL TIP: When vacationing a great day trip is to visit a local coffee farm or Roaster, many locations welcome visitors.

  Bullet Proof Coffee was introduced to the world several years ago. What really makes it different is adding 1–2 teaspoons of grass fed unsalted butter, and another 1–2 teaspoons MCT oil. These two additives are supposedly aid in cognition, and trigger weight loss through Ketosis (where energy is being generated ketone bodies in the blood vs. glycolysis). Ketosis is commonly known/ considered the body’s fat burning mode. However, not enough scientific studies have been conducted to validate any claims, however a lot of individuals swear by this concoction.      

Having a clean bachelor pad is a must for any man. It shows women you are capable of taking care of your self, and you respect your surroundings. Every a few months you should clean your Drip Brewer, or K Cup machine. The easiest way is to run two warm pots through the machine. The correct way is to use vinegar; 1 cup of vinegar and six cups water through the brewing cycle once. Once completed, use just water and run through the brewing cycle again.

  As for decafe, we don’t know what that is.