XX Perspective

The XX perspective:  What a woman wants to see, and hope she doesn’t see in your bachelor pad.  Guys below are first hand experiences of what two women thought when entering a bachelor pad for the first time.  If any ladies would like contribute to the post please do not hesitate to comment, the more advice we have the better. 



Early thirties

Works in the entertainment industry in Hollywood


New relationships. The good, the bad and the ugly. There's nothing more exhilarating than all the firsts of a new relationship-the first date, the first kiss and the first time you stay at his place. A lot is said on how a guys apartment looks and it kept. If it's too clean and tidy then its easy to make the assumption that he's somewhat uptight but if it's really messy then well he's a slob. It's like Goldilocks and the 3 bears-you want something right in the middle. I've seen a few guys apartments in my day and I'm happy to report that none of them sent me running and screaming instaneously-but I have seen a few things that raised a few eyebrows. Recently I was at 'bachelor pad' and was instantly drawn to all the dog hair that had accumulated in almost every corner of the apartment. I mean.. really? You wouldn't think to maybe run the vacuum for 5 minutes beforehand.. That wasn’t even the worst part of it though.. The best was the bobby pins and single hoop earring that was on the coffee table-in plain site.  A few dirty dishes-ok...fine..no biggie. But another girls belongings-not cool. There's nothing less appealing-or more of a buzz kill than that. So gentleman...let this be a lesson to you all-even though we know that you probably don't live like a hermit and yes it is ok to have friends of the opposite sex-make us feel like we're the only ones and special. Not sloppy seconds.





Works in finance


This is for the man over 35 and finds himself now single.  You are probably just getting out and going to bars/ clubs/ lounges, and with any luck you’ll bring a woman back to your place.  As for the condition of your place, since you are newly single, you are responsible for it cleanliness.  No woman wants to date a man whose bachelor pad looks like your kids dorm room.  Your bachelor pad should smell pleasant when a woman enters, something that’s light and airy, but not heavy.  Hopefully prior to going out you turned off Cinemax, because initially no woman wants see another woman naked on your TV the first time going back to your place (I speak from experience). 


If I’ve agreed to go back to your place we’ll probably initially be sitting on your sofa. I don’t want to regret my decision because your sofa stinks, of stale beer, vomit, or your dog. If you have dog, please put Fido away once we enter.  I don’t want him jumping up on my outfit that I spent 2 hours putting together.     


So guys, before going out spend some time cleaning your place, vacuum, make sure there is toilet paper, use some air freshener, have clean hand towels and hand lotion in your bathroom, and always have a clean tooth brush available for when I spend the night.  Your bed should be made, and your linens should be clean. 


Here’s another tip:  If I spend the night I may want to have breakfast with you the next day (if everything went well in the bedroom).  Have food available in your kitchen for breakfast like yogurt, fruit, coffee, or cereal is perfect.  There’s no way I’m wearing my cocktail dress to the corner bagel store to have breakfast.


More advice from the XX perspective to come in the future.